Household Products

Some of the most common household products can be very hazardous. These include: cleaning substances, laundry products, cosmetics, garden supplies, automotive products, pesticides, toys and hobby materials, fuels, paints and pool products. These products come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Liquids, powders, granules, sprays and aerosols can easily enter the body through the mouth, eyes, nose and skin.

Children are often attracted to the bright colors, interesting containers and sweet-smell of household products. Often household products are mistaken by children for something that is good for them to eat or drink. For example, a liquid cleaner may be mistaken for a juice. Do not rely on the smell or taste of a household product to deter children. Children are known to put anything in their mouths!

Be aware of the products found in and around the home. Make sure they are stored in locked cabinets out of the reach and sight of children.


 Kitchen / Laundry Area  Bathroom   Garage / Basement / Storage  
Ammonia Air Fresheners Antifreeze*
Bleach After-Shave Lotions Insect Killers*
Carpet / Upholstery cleaners Colognes / Perfumes Fertilizers
Dishwasher Detergents False Fingernail Removers* Gasoline
Disinfectants Hair Remover Glues
Drain Cleaners* Hair Styling Products Lotions/Creams/Oils Kerosene
Fabric Softeners Hand Sanitizer* Lighter Fluids
Floor Cleaners Makeup Lime*
Furniture Polishes Medications* Lye*
Insect Killers* Mothballs Paints
Laundry Detergents Mouthwash* Paint Thinners
Metal Cleaners Nail-Polish Removers Pool Supplies
Oven Cleaners* Rubbing Alcohol* Rodent Killers
Rust Removers Shampoos Turpentines
Scouring Powders Shaving Creams Weed Killers*
Spot Removers Soaps / Deodorants Windshield Wiper Fluids*
Spray Starches Toilet Bowl Cleaners*  

*The poisons marked with an asterisk (*) can be very dangerous. Be very careful when using and storing these poisons.

Remember, pets can get poisoned too. Dogs and cats are curious, they like to lick and chew. This puts them at risk of being poisoned.