When my daughter attempted suicide, the Iowa Poison Control Center was my lifeline. In the midst of unimaginable fear and confusion, they provided the calm, expert guidance I desperately needed. They quickly assessed the situation, asking critical questions about the medication and my daughter's condition. Their clear, step-by-step advice helped me take immediate action, giving me a sense of control amidst the chaos. While they reassured me that she likely wouldn't need her stomach pumped, they also outlined potential risks and strongly recommended a hospital visit. This proactive approach not only protected my daughter but also demonstrated their commitment to her well-being. When we arrived at the hospital, their endorsement of the Poison Control Center's involvement was a profound comfort. It underscored that even medical professionals trust and rely on their expertise during emergencies. In my darkest moment, the Iowa Poison Control Center's guidance, reassurance and collaboration with doctors played an invaluable role in saving my daughter's life.

Grateful Parent

"You guys have been amazing both times I have called.  Nobody is judgmental or pushy and that's exactly what you need when you need to call."

"You guys have always been great! With 9 kids, it is not an infrequent occurrence to have to call you, and you have always done a great job!"

"I really appreciate how much care she took, even asking my daughter’s name, so personable and caring, she even called back."

"I worked previously as a volunteer EMT and had your number programmed into my phone years ago.  All this time later, I needed you myself, so thank you for being there!"

"I don't know what I would do without poison control!  I have four kids and feel like I've called a million times!"

"Everything went great!  I was very satisfied with the call and he even called back a while later to check in on me!"

"I appreciate Iowa Poison Control.  I have one child that's just a lot more curious than the others."

"Great being able to instantly get a nurse and get an answer.  She offered to call back and then called back right on the dot when she’d said she would, which I think was amazing!"

"I hope more people are able to get the free home packet. I have one and they are good to have around."

"The woman who answered my call did an amazing job of putting my fears at ease.  I'm a first-time dad so having you guys there and having my call answered in a timely manner, with good information was very comforting.  I am very thankful."

"The woman I spoke with was very helpful!  She was friendly, gave good answers even though it wasn't a big deal, and got a packet sent to me. She did a great job!"

"He did a wonderful job!  He even gave me a call back later to check in."

"I was impressed that she even called back later to check in on my son!"

"Every time I have called, they are helpful and friendly.  I am the panicking mom and they are always so helpful."

"The woman I talked to was extremely friendly and even called back an hour later to check on my granddaughter."

"I am very thankful for you and you need to make sure you stick around!"

"I made a laundry mistake and accidentally mixed bleach and vinegar together. (I know I should know better but I wasn't thinking 🤦🏼‍♀️) This created chlorine gas and caused a very overpowering, irritating smell. The man that I spoke to was very nice and told me that it can cause respiratory distress and to open all of the windows and leave the area until it dissipates."

"Talked to Cheryl. She was amazing! Calm, reassuring and helpful! I hope to not have to call them again but with a little one, probably will and feel great that there is a resource like them available!"

"She woman that answered our call was a very knowledgeable and calming person. She let me know what to do and calmed me by letting me know that my husband would be just fine"

"Hello. I believe this was the center I was put in touch with. My kitties got into some melotonin treats and digestive enzyme treats. The chewy pharmacist gave me a 800 # and I was connected to the kindest individuals. I was frantic to say the least. The vet tech Kimberly or better known as(Kim) must have stayed on the phone for at least 90 minutes. She asked me a slew if questions, took down the ingredients of both chew treats, then proceeded to speak with the Dr. On call. She instructed me how I should move forward.. Thank god they wound up ok. No vet visit was needed. She was so amazing with me that I proceeded to speak with her supervisor who was the on call vet. Dr. Hopkins. She was also amazing. It was a unfortunate way to meet 2 if the most kindest individuals. Also they are extremely knowledgeable in poison control..a huge thank you from myself, and my fur babies chance and hunnie.. Kim and Dr. Hopkins of the ASPCA animal poison control(based lyrics of Iowa) you guys are truly heaven sent..."

"Extremely Helpful, wonderful experience"

"Excellent staff. Friendly and knowledgeable."

"Great people and great service they provide"