1. The average surface area found in a single gram of activated charcoal in square meters, is 10, 100, or 1000?
 Answer:  1000 meters squared

2. It isn’t really poison, but is a perfume by that name.  Who manufactures this fragrant product?
 Answer:  Christian Dior

3. What is considered to be the most toxic natural substance known to man?  It was also recently approved for use in smoothing wrinkles on the face?
 Answer:  Botox (Botulinus toxin LD50 is 500 nanograms)

4. What common spice substance is usually forbidden in prisons, as it can be used as a weapon when thrown in the eyes?
Answer:  Black pepper

5. Is there an antidote for acetaminophen overdose, and if so, what is it?
 Answer:  Yes,  NAC, Mucomyst, or N-acetylcysteine are all acceptable

6. What is the antidote if ethylene glycol or methanol in the form of antifreeze or windshield washer fluid is ingested?
 Answer:  Ethanol (same as what is in drinking alcohol) or Antizol  (fomepizole)

7. Vomiting induced with Syrup of Ipecac, within 1/2 hour of ingestion, will remove approximately what percentage of the ingested material?
 Answer:  30-40%  (any answer within this range is correct)

8. According to 1998 statistics, which method of execution was cheaper to administer, lethal injection or lethal gas?
 Answer:  Lethal injection ($346 vs. $371)

9. In the US, during execution by lethal injection, how many toxic chemicals enter the bloodstream of the condemned?
Answer:   Three  (Sodium Thiopental, Pancuronium Bromide, Potassium  Chloride)

10. What is the chemical used in “non-toxic” antifreeze?
 Answer: Propylene Glycol

11. How many types of botulinus toxins are there?
Answer:  7  (they are identified with the letters A – G)  The antidote is a trivalent antitoxin for types A,B, & E