1. Which insect is the controversial aphrodisiac “Spanish Fly” made from?

2. During nuclear testing in the Sahara desert, what type of animal was able to withstand the most radiation?

3. What kind of fish is able to live safely amongst the venomous stinging tentacles of the Sea Anemones?

4. What kind of fish found commonly in the waters near Japan is considered a delicacy, but also has the most toxic non-protein substance found in nature?

5. What insect is responsible for more deaths worldwide than any other?

6. Name one of three countries that have no native snakes

7. Name one of the two known venomous lizards in the world.

8. Which type of butterfly concentrates toxic compounds from the Milkweed plant, which makes them a distasteful experience for predators?

9. According to many medical experts, what is the most effective thing to carry in your pocket in the event of a rattlesnake bite?

10. Which venomous animal has the slowest metabolism of any invertebrate?

11. What is the largest living thing visible from space?

12. Why did 249 Boa Constrictors die from a Cocaine overdose in June of 1993

13. What part of the human body is most commonly bitten by insects?

14. What “grumpy little snake” is the smallest species of rattlesnake in the US?

15. In 1999, the US Supreme Court ruled that a poisonous snake could be considered a “deadly weapon” after a man threatened 2 police officers with his Rhinoceros Viper.  What state did this occur in?

16. How many legs does a scorpion have?

17. Of the following insects, which injects the most venom into a wound:  wasp, hornet, yellow-jacket, or honey bee?

18. Name one of the two species of venomous snakes native to Minnesota?

19. What native Hawaiian dish is prepared from the oxalate containing Taro plant?