1. In 1991, this former president who died in 1850, was exhumed from his burial site in Louisville, Kentucky to determine whether his death may have been due to arsenic poisoning.  Who is this well-known American?
 Answer:  Zachery Taylor, 12th President of the US

2. What famous former neurosurgeon turned psychiatrist was so enthralled by the effects of cocaine that he published a work called Uber Coca?
Answer:  Sigmund Freud

3, In the 1960’s, the CIA concocted a plan to poison Fidel Castro of Cuba.  By what means did they plan to deliver the poison?
 Answer:  By poisoning his cigars

4. In April, 1989, what 1960’s activist and founder of the “Yippie” movement was found dead in his home after overdosing on Phenobarbital and Alcohol?
Answer:  Abbie Hoffman

5. How did the lovely queen Cleopatra die?
 Answer:  She was bitten by an Asp (snake)

6. In 1888, a pharmacist named James S. Pemberton, developed a beverage containing caffeine, cocaine, and secret ingredients.  Modified for use today, by which name is it now known?
 Answer:  Coca-Cola

7. If one were to review the medical history of former President George Bush (senior), one would find he has an allergy to what toxic agent?
Answer:  Bee venom

8. While exploring New Caldonia in 1774, the Captain of the HMS Resolution nearly died from tetrodotoxin poisoning.  What was the name of this illustrious nautical explorer?
Answer:  Captain James Cook

9. In 1973, Karen Silkwood died in a mysterious car accident at the same time she was trying to expose the Kerr-McGee Corporation of contaminating their work environment with what toxic material.  A major motion picture was also made of her story. 
 Answer: Plutonium

10. What former US First Lady with a long running addiction to drugs & alcohol later underwent successful rehabilitation?
Answer:  Betty Ford

11. Socialite Claus Von Bulow was accused of trying to kill his wife “Sunny” in 1980 by what means?
Answer:  Insulin injection

12. This talented artist wanted to be an entomologist, but was afraid of taking physics.  Instead he used his talents as a cartoonist to create some of the most humorous renditions involving animals, many of which are toxic.  He also had a species of insect named after him.  Who is this popular cartoonist?
Answer:  Gary Larson

13. What actress, found dead on July 1, 1996, of a Phenobarbital overdose followed in the footsteps of her famous literary grandfather, who also committed suicide?
 Answer:  Margeaux Hemingway

14. In the 1920’s, the chef of the “Little Italy Cafe”, who eventually chickened out, was offered $10,000 to put cyanide in the soup of which prominent underworld leader?
 Answer:  Al Capone

15. In World War II, this US dancer was slated for murder by the Gestapo for marrying a Jewish businessman.  Goering invited her to dinner with plans of putting cyanide in her fish course.  The attempt was unsuccessful.  Living from 1906 – 1975, she stormed Paris in the 1920’s & was the first black woman to appear in the “Folies-Bergeriere”.  Who is she?
 Answer:  Josephine Baker

16. This energetic Australian-born herpetologist uses phrases like “cracky” and “ your a grumpy little snake aren’t you”.  Who is he?
 Answer:  Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”