1. On April 22, 2002, Layne Staley died from an apparent overdose.  What popular rock band was he a front man for?
 Answer:  Alice in Chains

2. What famous rock/blues artist performs the song “Cocaine”
 Answer:  Eric Clapton

3. In 1988, a famous musician, known as the “Godfather of Soul”, was arrested for driving under the influence of PCP.  What is the real name of this man?
 Answer:  James Joe Brown, JR.

4. Name the famous singer who, suffered from Bulemia, and died from chronic use of Syrup of Ipecac?
 Answer:  Karen Carpenter

5. Jimi Hendrix, who died in September 1970, wrote a song called “Purple Haze” that referred to drug use.  In this song, what did he kiss?
 Answer:  The Sky....(excuse me while I kiss the sky)

6. In the 60’s, The Rolling Stones had a hit song “Mother’s Little Helper”.  What drug did this song refer to as mothers little helper ?
 Answer:  Valium

7. Bret Michaels was the lead singer for this 80’s glam rock band.  He also had a torrid encounter with Pamela Anderson that was caught on video tape & distributed over the internet.  Name the band
 Answer:  Poison

8. On July 2, 1971, this “Rider on the Storm” supposedly died in his Paris apartment from a Heroin overdose.  Who was he?
 Answer:  Jim Morrison

9. In June 1953, this famous country western singer was found dead in the back of his limo.  His deadly cocktail was Alcohol and Chloral hydrate.  Who was this man?
 Answer:  Hank Williams

10. The best selling music album of 1995 , was made by a band with the name which sounds like a toxic sea animal.  What is the name of this popular band?
 Answer:  Hootie & the Blowfish

11. On February 1, 1971, the front man for the punk group “The Sex Pistols” died from a heroin overdose.  What was his name.
 Answer:  Sid Vicious

12. Keith Moon, the drummer for this rock band died from an overdose of sleeping pills.  Name the band.
 Answer:  The Who

13. In 1791, this famous musician died and poison was suspected.  Later one of his music rivals, Antonio Salieri is reported to have confessed to poisoning him.  Who was this famous composer?
 Answer:  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

14. In 1999, many people protested a song released by a singing group that told of a poisoning murder by a girl named Wanda of her physically abusive husband.  What was the name of this singing group?
 Answer:  Dixie Chicks