1. It is flown in daily from Yemen & Turkey, and it was of some concern to soldiers in 1992, who were assigned to military operations in Somalia, where it is chewed by the residents for its stimulant effects.  What is it?

2. The veterinary drug Ketamine, used for anesthesia, is commonly abused on the street.  By what name, shared with a popular breakfast cereal, is it known by?
3. What is probably the most widely used of all mind-altering drugs.  It is commonly ingested in food, beverages, or proprietary medications such as No-Doz?

4. A high school student was in a supermarket, sniffing the foaming agent from aerosol cans of whipped cream.  What common anesthetic was being sought for abuse in this product? 
5. Young people at rave parties are commonly seen with what item, usually used by infants, hanging around their neck? 

6. In 1990, the illicit use of what substance by bodybuilders, that caused CNS depression, lead to the FDA bans & warnings?   This substance was also marketed as an industrial cleaner.
7. Marijuana cigarettes dipped in this substance is referred to as “Wets”, “Dank” or “Sherm” on the streets?
8. What is the name of the hallucinogenic amphetamine being used at all night “Raves” parties?

9. A teenager likes to “Robo-trip” or use “DMX”, he appears intoxicated, but no odor of alcohol is present on the breath.  He claims it must be safe to use because it available over-the-counter at any drug store.  What substance is being abused?

10. What drug is becoming increasingly popular in the Midwest  and is made in clandestine laboratories in rural areas and has even been manufactured in an ice fishing house? 

11. What popular cooking spice can cause hallucinations and be toxic if ingested in large amounts?

12. Three drugs are commonly known as “Date Rape Drugs”. Name one of them.

13. Name the 60’s drug that is making a come-back.  It is commonly distributed on cardboard squares with various designs such as the zodiac signs, or music logos on them.

14. During the 60’s, it was held by the drug culture that one could get high from smoking the peel of what popular fruit, even though there was no known pharmacological basis for the effect?
15. One might think that 30/30 or 357 are gun calibers, but on the street, what type of drugs do these refer to?
16. Eating the seeds of what plant, used in culinary creations, can result in false positive test for opiates in the consumer?