1. A patient with iron toxicity is commonly treated with deferoxamine.  This treatment binds with free iron to form a complex that is then excreted in the urine.  The urine is commonly observed for color change indicating the free iron in the body is being bound.  What color is being observed for?
Answer:  Vin rose, red/orange

2. Coral snakes are commonly found in the southern United States.  These snakes have very toxic venom.  Coral snakes have the same coloring as the non-toxic King snake, but the series of repeated colors are in different orders.  What is the saying commonly used to identify the two similar snakes
Answer: “Red on yellow, kill a fellow…  Red on black, venom lack”

3. Name the fever causing disease that Tiger mosquitoes can be carriers of.
Answer:  Yellow Fever

4. Pepto Bismol is a flat pink color in its original form.  What color can your stools become after using this over-the-counter product?
Answer:  Black

5. A child ingesting a topical medication containing Benzocaine can be at risk for a toxic event.  Commonly the gums of the child are monitored for color change.  What color is being watched for?
Answer:  Blue from methemaglobinemia

6. Absinthe is a potent alcoholic liqueur distilled from wine & wormwood.  It was a popular drink amongst French artists and poets during the early 1900’s in hopes to return to “Xanadu”.  What color is this beverage?
Answer:  A striking Green color

7. What color is Viagra?
Answer:  Blue

8. What color is Dimetapp Elixir?
 Answer:  Purple

9. What is the name of the antidote for treating methemoglobinemia is called Methylene __________?
 Answer:  Methylene Blue

10. The Canadian flag features a Red Maple leaf.  To what non-human animal has the red maple leaf been shown to be toxic?
 Answer:  The horse

11. There are two types of phosphorus, red or yellow, which type ignites on contact with air?
Answer:  Yellow

12. Mixing bleach with a acid based cleaner can form chlorine gas.  What color is this gas?
 Answer:  Greenish-yellow

13. In the 1980’s, a new form of Mexican heroin began to appear in North America.  Because of its color and consistency similar to a roofing compound, it is commonly called by what name?
 Answer:  Black tar heroin

14. If a person were to ingested Boric acid and vomited, what color would the resulting emesis be?
 Answer:  Blue-green to aqua

15. What is the name of the prescription medication marketed as the purple pill?
 Answer:  Nexium (esomeprazole)