Who was the British author of detective fiction, many of whose 85 books & 148 short stories dealt with murder by poison. Who was she? Answer: Agatha Christie

In Lewis Carole’s Alice in Wonderland, a character is known as the “Mad Hatter”. What substance caused this condition in real-life manufacturers of hats in the late 19th century? Answer: Mercury. It was used to weigh down the felt in the hats

Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have completed the first draft of Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde in three days while undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. What was the name of the amazing drug he was being treated with? Answer: Cocaine

What was the name of the 19th century artist that died from substances in the drink Absinthe, now known to be toxic? Answer: Vincent Van Gogh

In the first volume of the popular children’s books about Babar the elephant, Babar’s father dies from eating what toxic substance? Answer: A mushroom (amanita muscaria)

A humorous mystery play, written by Russell Crouse & Howard Lindsey, contains a famous poison in its name. Name the play. Answer: Arsenic and Old Lace

Which character by Dr Seuss, is referred to in a song as “a three decker sauerkraut & toadstool sandwich, with arsenic sauce!”? Answer: The Grinch

In the play “Macbeth”, during a truce, Macbeth offers liqueur, containing a poisonous plant, to the Danish troops causing them to fall asleep, which lead to their slaughter. What plant was used in this early chemical warfare? Answer: Belladonna

What food did Snow White eat that put her to sleep? Answer: A poison apple

Which science fiction classic, written by Frank Herbert, uses poisons such as “the spice” and poisoners in many interactions between its “spacey” characters? Answer: Dune

In the comic strips, “little orphan annie”, has passed through the years with the help of many protectors. Along with “Daddy war bucks” and “Punjab”, this protector with a venomous name often saved Annie. Who is he? Answer: “The asp”

Of what hallucinogenic plant did Carlos Casteneda’s Don Juan claim expert knowledge? Answer: Peyote

Who was the famous neo-Baroque Spanish painter (1746-1828) who became lead intoxicated following exposure to lead during the mixing of his white paint pigments? Answer: Francisco Goya

In Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, the wolves who reared Mowgli called themselves the “Free People”. Who did they call the “Poison People”? Answer: The cobras

The “Tale of the Hashish Eater”, is a story found in what great collection of Arabic Stories? Answer: The Thousand and One Nights

In the book “Curious George Gets a Job”, George is sent to a hospital. While there his curiosity gets the better him, when he opens a bottle, inhales the contents, and is rendered unconscious. What did the bottle that knocked him out contain? Answer: Ether

According to Greek mythology, all the poisonous creatures of the desert came from the blood dripping from a freshly severed head being carried by Perceus. To what mythological character did this head belong? Answer: Medusa, one of the Gorgon sisters