1. Who was the British author of detective fiction, many of whose 85 books & 148 short stories dealt with murder by poison. Who was she?
  2. In Lewis Carole’s Alice in Wonderland, a character is known as the “Mad Hatter”. What substance caused this condition in real-life manufacturers of hats in the late 19th century?
  3. Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have completed the first draft of Dr. Jekyll & Mr Hyde in three days while undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. What was the name of the amazing drug he was being treated with?
  4. What was the name of the 19th century artist that died from substances in the drink Absinthe, now known to be toxic?
  5. In the first volume of the popular children’s books about Babar the elephant, Babar’s father dies from eating what toxic substance?
  6. A humorous mystery play, written by Russell Crouse & Howard Lindsey, contains a famous poison in its name. Name the play.
  7. Which character by Dr Seuss, is referred to in a song as “a three decker sauerkraut & toadstool sandwich, with arsenic sauce!”?
  8. In the play “Macbeth”, during a truce, Macbeth offers liqueur, containing a poisonous plant, to the Danish troops causing them to fall asleep, which lead to their slaughter. What plant was used in this early chemical warfare?
  9. What food did Snow White eat that put her to sleep?
  10. Which science fiction classic, written by Frank Herbert, uses poisons such as “the spice” and poisoners in many interactions between its “spacey” characters?
  11. In the comic strips, “little orphan annie”, has passed through the years with the help of many protectors. Along with “Daddy war bucks” and “Punjab”, this protector with a venomous name often saved Annie. Who is he?
  12. Of what hallucinogenic plant did Carlos Casteneda’s Don Juan claim expert knowledge?
  13. Who was the famous neo-Baroque Spanish painter (1746-1828) who became lead intoxicated following exposure to lead during the mixing of his white paint pigments?
  14. In Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, the wolves who reared Mowgli called themselves the “Free People”. Who did they call the “Poison People”?
  15. The “Tale of the Hashish Eater”, is a story found in what great collection of Arabic Stories?
  16. In the book “Curious George Gets a Job”, George is sent to a hospital. While there his curiosity gets the better him, when he opens a bottle, inhales the contents, and is rendered unconscious. What did the bottle that knocked him out contain?
  17. According to Greek mythology, all the poisonous creatures of the desert came from the blood dripping from a freshly severed head being carried by Perceus. To what mythological character did this head belong?