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February 2021 (480K PDF file)
Toxicokinetics ≠ Pharmacokinetics

January 2021 (136K PDF file)
QT Prolonging Drugs


December 2020 (158K PDF file)
One Pill Can Kill

November 2020 (135K PDF file)
Gabapentin Abuse

October 2020 (572K PDF file)
Methanol in Hand Sanitizer

September 2020 (133K PDF file)

August 2020 (314K PDF file)
Use of High Dose N-acetylcysteine

July 2020 (314K PDF file)
Antivenom for Venomous Snake Bites

June 2020 (314K PDF file)
Thyroid Medicine

May 2020 (315K PDF file)
Quetiapine (Seroquel®)

April 2020 (377K PDF file)
Glyphosate Herbicides

March 2020 (98K PDF file)
Poison Alert: Serious Toxicity from Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine

March 2020 (313K PDF file)
SSRI and SNRI Antidepressants

February 2020 (321K PDF file)
Levocarnitine for Valproic Acid Toxicity

January 2020 (313 PDF file)




December 2019 (314 PDF file)

Simplified IV NAC Protocols

November 2019 (154 PDF file)

Poison Alert: Deadly Opiates Sold as Heroin; Counterfeit Opioid Tablets in Iowa


November 2019 (314 PDF file)

Salt Poisoning

October 2019 (314K PDF file)

Poisonous Plants In and Around the Home

September 2019 (314K PDF file)
Vaping-Associated Severe Acute Lung Injury

August 2019 (333K PDF file)



July 2019 (321K PDF file)

High Dose Insulin Therapy for Beta-Blocker and Calcium Channel Blocker Overdose

June 2019 (312K PDF file) 
Mercury Toxicity

May 2019 (315K PDF file)
Flumazenil Use in Benzodiazepine Overdose

April 2019 (315K PDF file) 
Toxin-Induced Hypotension

March 2019 (318K PDF file)

Drug-Induced Hyperthermia


February 2019 (315K PDF file)


January 2019 (319K PDF file)  


December 2018 (314K PDF file)

Honey for Button Batteries

November 2018 (313K PDF file)

October 2018 (402K PDF file)

September 2018 (313K PDF file)

August 2018 (313K PDF file)

July 2018 (316K PDF file)
When Antidotes are in Short Supply

June 2018 (313K PDF file)
Buprenorphine Toxicity

May 2018 (313K PDF file)
Ibuprofen Toxicity

April 2018 (313K PDF file)

April 2018 (82K PDF file)
Poison Alert: Coagulopathies Associated with Contaminated Synthetic Cannabinoids

March 2018 (316K PDF file)

Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

February 2018 (144K PDF file)
Medication Half-Life in Toxicology

January 2018 (315K PDF file) 

January 2018 (142K PDF file)
Poison Alert: A Dangerous Online Trend Occurring in Iowa


December 2017 (325K PDF file)
Tessalon Perles

November 2017 (312K PDF file)

October 2017 (138K PDF file)
Melaleuca Oil (Tea Tree Oil)

September 2017 (113K PDF file)


August 2017 (315K PDF file)
Loperamide: An Unexpected Drug of Abuse

July 2017 (315K PDF file)
Treatment of Opioid Overdose with Naloxone

July 2017 (142K PDF file) 
Poison Alert: Dangerous Counterfeit Pain Pills Found in Iowa

June 2017 (314K PDF file) 
Effervescent N-acetylcysteine Tablets for Oral Solution (Cetylev®)

May 2017 (310K PDF file)
Concrete Exposures

April 2017 (119K PDF file)
Bisphenol A (BPA)

March 2017 (88K PDF file)
Medication Errors in Children

February 2017 (314K PDF file)   
Sympathomimetic Toxidrome

January 2017 (296K PDF file)
Carbon Monoxide


December 2016 (313K PDF file)
Holiday Hazards

November 2016 (316K PDF file)
Bystander Naloxone

October 2016 (317K PDF file)
Novel Oral Anticoagulants

September 2016 (316K PDF file)

September 2016 (94K PDF file)
Poison Alert: Concern for Potent Narcotics Being Sold As Heroin

August 2016 (314K PDF file)

July 2016 (316K PDF file)

June 2016 (167K PDF file)
Poison Alert: New Class of Dangerous Synthetic Drugs

May 2016 (314K PDF file)
Herbal Supplements:  Are They Safe?

April 2016 (317K PDF file)
Marijuana: Legal vs Illegal

March 2016 (477K PDF file)

February 2016 (318K PDF file)
Valproic Acid

January 2016 (118K PDF file)
Metabolic Acidosis                                                                                  


December 2015 (85K PDF file)
Skeletal Muscle Relaxants

November 2015 (82K PDF file)

Tricyclic Antidepressants

October 2015 (85K PDF file)
Pregnancy Related Concerns in an Overdose Patient

September 2015 (82K PDF file)
Hydrogen Peroxide

August 2015 (49K PDF file)
Garage Hazards

July 2015 (86K PDF file)

Salicylate Poisoning

June 2015 (81K PDF file)

May 2015 (82K PDF file)
The Cholinergic Toxidrome

April 2015 (85K PDF file)
Propylene Glycol

March 2015 (85K PDF file)
Simple Asphyxiants

February 2015 (109K PDF file)
Citalopram (Celexa) and Escitalopram (Lexapro)

January 2015 (155K PDF file)



December 2014 (106K PDF file)
Five Tips for Managing the Poisoned Patient

November 2014 (107K PDF file)
“Hello, This is the Iowa Poison Control Center…”

October 2014 (102K PDF file)

September 2014 (312K PDF file)
Sewer Gas

August 2014 (106K PDF file)
Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

July 2014 (106K PDF file)

June 2014 (102K PDF file)

May 2014 (86K PDF file)
Venomous Snakes of Iowa

April 2014 (104K PDF file)

March 2014 (102K PDF file)
Wild Mushrooms

February 2014 (102K PDF file)

January 2014 (106K PDF file)
Over the Counter Cough and Cold Medication Errors



December 2013 (105K PDF file)
Mercury Thermometer Clean-Up

November 2013 (102K PDF file)

October 2013 (102K PDF file)
Corrosive Chemicals

September 2013 (88K PDF file)
Alcohol is Alcohol

August 2013 (80K PDF file)
Medication Patches

July 2013 (80K PDF file)
Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Treatment

June 2013 (80K PDF file)
Accidental Veterinary Vaccine Injections

May 2013 (74K PDF file)

April 2013 (78K PDF file)
The IPCC's Team of Nurse Specialists

March 2013 (74K PDF file)
Huffing: A Gateway to Drug Abuse

February 2013 (74K PDF file)
Treatment of Seizures in Overdoses

January 2013 (78K PDF file)
Whole Bowel Irrigation



December 2012 (74K PDF file)
Heavy Metal Testing

November 2012 (78K PDF file)
Urine Drug Screening

October 2012 (74K PDF file)
Mothball Ingestions

September 2012 (48K PDF file)

August 2012 (78K PDF file)
Iron Overdoses

July 2012 (79K PDF file)
Urine and Serum Alkalinization in Toxicology

June 2012 (74K PDF file)
Unknown Poison: Therapeutic Approach

May 2012 (71K PDF file)
Unknown Poison: Diagnostic Approach

April 2012 (73K PDF file)
Lead Poisoning

March 2012 (83K PDF file)
Use of Physostigmine in Toxicology

February 2012 (51K PDF file)
Cardiac Potassium Channel Blockade

January 2012 (78K PDF file)
Cardiac Sodium Channel Blockade



December 2011 (74K PDF file)
New Acetaminophen Concentration for Infants

November 2011 (85K PDF file)
Cyanide, Smoke Inhalation and Hydroxocobalamin

October 2011 (74K PDF file)

September 2011 (73K PDF file)

August 2011 (73K PDF file)
Assessing Acetaminophen Toxicity

July 2011 (78K PDF file)
The Anticholinergic Toxidrome

June 2011 (122K PDF file)
Mixing Bleach + Cleaners

May 2011 (74K PDF file)

April 2011 (73K PDF file)
Radiation Concerns

March 2011 (73K PDF file)
Anhydrous Ammonia

February 2011 (78K PDF file)

January 2011 (74K PDF file)
Bath Salts as New Drug of Abuse



December 2010 (104K PDF file)
Button Battery

November 2010 (73K PDF file)
Syrup of Ipecac

October 2010 (91K PDF file)

September 2010 (74K PDF file)

August 2010 (74K PDF file)
Hemodialysis: The Big 4 in Toxicology

July 2010 (73K PDF file)
DEET Insect Repellents

June 2010 (78K PDF file)
High-Dose Insulin use in Calcium Channel Blocker ODs

May 2010 (90K PDF file)
Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spiders

April 2010 (81K PDF file)
K2 Spice

March 2010 (77K PDF file)

February 2010 (79K PDF file)
Ethylene Glycol/Antifreeze

January 2010 (77K PDF file)
Serotonin Syndrome



December 2009 (77K PDF file)

November 2009 Newsletter (80K PDF file)
Wellbutrin® (bupropion)

October 2009 Newsletter (77K PDF file)
Hydrofluoric Acid

September 2009 Newsletter (77K PDF file)

August 2009 Newsletter (80 K PDF file)

July 2009 Newsletter (81K PDF file)
Drug Levels

June 2009 Newsletter (76K PDF file)
Use of Activated Charcoal

May 2009 Newsletter (80K PDF file)
QRS/QT/QTc Measurements

April 2009 Newsletter (81K PDF file)

March 2009 Newsletter (77K PDF file)

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