Iowa Poison Control Center
24 Hours / 7 Days a Week 1.800.222.1222


  • You guys have been amazing both times I have called.  Nobody is judgmental or pushy and that's exactly what you need when you need to call.  (Aug 2020)
  • You guys have always been great!  With 9 kids, it is not an infrequent occurrence to have to call you, and you have always done a great job!  (Sept 2020)
  • I really appreciate how much care she took, even asking my daughter’s name, so personable and caring, she even called back.  (Sept 2020)
  • I worked previously as a volunteer EMT and had your number programmed into my phone years ago.  All this time later, I needed you myself, so thank you for being there!  (Sept 2020)
  • I don't know what I would do without poison control!  I have four kids and feel like I've called a million times!  (Sept 2020)
  • Everything went great!  I was very satisfied with the call and he even called back a while later to check in on me!  (Oct 2020)
  • I appreciate Iowa Poison Control.  I have one child that's just a lot more curious than the others.  (Oct 2020)
  • Great being able to instantly get a nurse and get an answer.  She offered to call back and then called back right on the dot when she’d said she would, which I think was amazing!  (Nov 2020)
  • I hope more people are able to get the free home packet. I have one and they are good to have around.  (Nov 2020)
  • The woman who answered my call did an amazing job of putting my fears at ease.  I'm a first-time dad so having you guys there and having my call answered in a timely manner, with good information was very comforting.  I am very thankful.  (Nov 2020)
  • The woman I spoke with was very helpful!  She was friendly, gave good answers even though it wasn't a big deal, and got a packet sent to me. She did a great job!  (Nov 2020)
  • He did a wonderful job!  He even gave me a call back later to check in.  (Nov 2020)
  • I was impressed that she even called back later to check in on my son!  (Nov 2020)
  • Every time I have called, they are helpful and friendly.  I am the panicking mom and they are always so helpful.  (Dec 2020)
  • The woman I talked to was extremely friendly and even called back an hour later to check on my granddaughter.  (Dec 2020)
  • I am very thankful for you and you need to make sure you stick around!  (Dec 2020)

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