Iowa Poison Control Center
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  • Thank you for everything you guys do.  It is already hard being a parent so thank you for being there to make it a little easier.
  • I am a frequent caller since I run a daycare, and you guys always do a fantastic job.
  • The specialist that answered the phone did a wonderful job.  Very knowledgeable. 
  • I was very pleased with the specialist that helped me.  They were very kind and understanding and even gave me a call back later to check in.
  • You guys were effective and put us a peace.
  • You were very helpful.
  • I appreciate the help, it was good advice and I think everything turned out well.
  • Thank you for your service to us.
  • The specialist was very friendly.  Prompt in following up to see if there was any additional issues or concerns.
  • I'm glad you put my mind at ease.
  • The gal I talked to was amazing.  She took great care of me and I was extremely happy to you have you there.
  • The woman I spoke with was extremely helpful and she made me feel so much better. 
  • I really appreciate you guys.
  • Extremely pleased and kept me calm the whole time because I was freaking out.
  • You guys really helped me out when I needed it.
  • You guys are awesome.





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