Iowa Poison Control Center
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Immediately call the Poison Experts at 1.800.222.1222 if you or another person may have been poisoned-even if you are not sure. Don't wait for the person to become sick and don't try to treat the person yourself.

We help people of all ages, in all types of situations.

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Medicine Mistake?

6 out of 10 poison exposures involve medicine. Take
the necessary precautions. 》

Read the label and follow the safety precautions written when using pesticides.

Poison Centers are reporting an increase in calls about e-cigarettes and liquid nicotine devices. 

Children continue to be exposed to laundry detergent packets.  Click the picture for more information on the dangers 

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Single use laundry packs are known for their convenience, but are also becoming a serious problem throughout the nation.

Why these soaps seem to cause more harm than regular detergents is still a mystery. But one that a local Iowa poison control center is taking active measures to solve.

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